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  1. Final report of ODA project R4378A. Soil and plant water relations in low-head drip irrigation in Sri Lanka (IH Report No. ODA 89/7) (1989)
    Foster, W.M.; Batchelor, C.H.; Hodnett, M.G.; Bell, J.P.; Institute of Hydrology; ODA
  2. Operation and maintenance manual for Gode irrigation project in Ethiopia (1994)
    Assefa, Haimanot
  3. The drought of 1981-87 in Botswana (1987)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.
  4. Irrigation practice in Iraq (1986)
    Matti, Suleiman M.A.M.
  5. Modernization and the evolution of irrigation practices in the Rio Dulce Irrigation Project Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Una tarea de Todos (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2006)
    Prieto, Daniel
  6. Subsurface irrigation through a drainage system for optimal water management and crop production (prepared for New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Agricultural Research and Development Grants Program) (1988)
    Geohring, L.D.; Cornell University, Department of Agricultural Engineering
  7. Low-cost biomass as novel adsorbents for the removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater used for crop irrigation in developing countries * (2017)
    Mohammed, Sadeeq Abubakar
  8. Possible sewage effluent irrigation for Cyprus (1983)
    Malikides, Eftychios
  9. Reforms in turbulent times. A study on the theory and practice of three irrigation management policy reform models in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe (2006)
    Zawe, Conrade
  10. Development of small-scale irrigation using limited groundwater resources - second interim report (1990)
    Lovell, C.J.; Batchelor, C.H.; Murata, M.; Institute of Hydrology; Lowveld Research Station, Zimbabwe


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