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  1. Bank filtration: A sustainable water treatment technology for developing countryies * (2009)
    Sharma, Saroj K
  2. Evolving water point mapping to strategic decision making in rural Malawi * (2018)
    Miller, Alexandra
  3. Non-profit sector supply of handpump spares - lessons from Malawi (2003)
    Alexander, Zoe J.
  4. One step closer to sustainable sanitation: the experiences of an eco-sanitation project in Malawi (2003)
    Sugden, Steven
  5. Sustainable operation and maintenance of rural and urban water supplies in Ghana. Proceedings of the Accra conference, April 20-23 1993, Kokrobite, Accra (1993)
    Livingstone, Andrew; McPherson, Harold; Ghana, Ministry of Works and Housing; WHO World Health Organization; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  6. Urban Planning Standards and Guidelines in Developing Countries (1993)
    Yasini, P.A
  7. Achieving ODF status at scale: combining behaviour change approaches, care groups, and partnerships with government and local leaders in Malawi * (2021)
    Muheka, Deborah
  8. Getting the message across: an experiment in radio-based water resources management education in Malawi * (2018)
    Nhlema, Muthi
  9. Karonga Lakeshore Integrated Rural Groundwater Supply Project: Community Management after Project Completion (1998)
    Kleemeier, E
  10. Poverty reduction and water access in Sub-Saharan Africa. Research report for Malawi case study. Draft document - WATSAN-PRSP Project, DFID (2002)
    Tsoka, Maxton Grant; Nyirenda, Nebert; Milazi, Linda; Sugden, Steven


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