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  1. Turning on the taps....Luanda, Angola: lessons in basic service delivery and local democracy (report based on a One World Action seminar May 2001) (2001)
    One World Action
  2. Urban partnership approaches: A WSUP update * (2009)
    Bevan, Jane
  3. Zambia: debt & poverty (1989)
    Clark, John; Allison, Caroline
  4. Does the WSDP benefit the underserved? Learning from the first phase of the WSDP, informing the second phase (2011)
    Fidelis, Paul; TAWASANET; Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network
  5. Operation, maintenance and sustainability of services for the urban poor: Findings, lessons learned and case studies summary and analysis * (2001)
    Sohail, M.; Cavill, S.; Cotton, A.P.
  6. Poverty mapping. A situation analysis of poverty pockets in Bhopal * (2006)
    WaterAid India; UN-HABITAT
  7. Space for waste. Planning for the informal recycling sector (0)
    Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group
  8. Energy and development in developing countries * (2011)
    Curd, Natalie R.
  9. Enhancing sector data management to target the water poor * (2009)
    Gineacute; Garriga, Ricard
  10. Mapping a healthier future. How spatial analysis can guide pro-poor water and sanitation planning in Uganda * (2009)
    Bennett, Karen; Billings, Hyacinth; Ghazi, Polly; Mock, Greg


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