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Water and sanitation in urban Malawi: can the Millennium Development Goals be met? A study of informal settlements in three cities

Author(s): Manda, Mtafu A. Zeleza  |  Alma Consultancy

Publisher: IIED | Alma Consultancy | The Scottish Government
Place of publication: London
Year: 2009

Series: IIED Human Settlements Working Paper Series Water-7

ISBN: 9781843697336


This paper assesses the quality and extent of provision for water and sanitation in urban areas in Malawi – where over 60% of the population lives in informal settlements. It also considers whether the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for water and sanitation are likely to be met in Malawi, and examines the current and potential role of community-led sanitation improvements. It includes recommendations for interventions needed by governmental, international and civil-society organizations to improve living conditions of communities to contribute to the realization of the MDGs.

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