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G003: Apron slabs for water points: an engineer's guide

Author(s): Skinner, Brian  |  Reed, Brian (ed)  |  Shaw, Rod (ill)  |  Chatterton, Ken (ill)

Publisher: WEDC
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 2011

Series: WEDC Guide 3
Collection(s): WEDC Bookshop

Price: £8.50
ISBN: 9781843801450


Despite the large number of concrete slabs installed around water points throughout the world, relatively few detailed drawings of apron slabs exist. Those few drawings have many similar features and a number are copied from a common source. With the aid of technical and hand-drawn illustrations, this booklet provides information about apron slabs in a new form. It explains what apron slabs are and why they are needed. It considers physical, social and organizational factors and presents technical options and recommendations for their design and construction.

Although the main focus of this booklet is on the use of apron slabs with handpump-equipped boreholes, many of its recommendations will be relevant to other types of water point such as tapstands and wells.

Aprons  |  Hand pump platforms