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Conjuctive use of water resources in Deccan Trap, India. Research report

Author(s): Sohani, G.G.  |  Simpson, F.  |  Kakade, B.K.  |  Blackburn, W.H.  |  Harris, V.J.  |  Jadhav, G.V.  |  Joshi, D.N.  |  Kanekar, S.C.  |  Kaulagekar, A.  |  Patil, S.G.  |  Sharma, P.R.  |  Sklash, M.G.  |  Smith, T.E.  |  Steele, D.W.

Publisher: BAIF Development Research Foundation
Place of publication: Pune, India
Year: 1998

ISBN: 8187511001

India  |  Statistics