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G026: Pour-flush latrines

Author(s): Reed, Bob  |  Scott, Rebecca (ed)  |  Shaw, Rod (ed/ill)

Publisher: WEDC
Place of publication: Loughborough University, UK
Year: 2014

Series: WEDC Guide 26
Collection(s): WEDC Bookshop

Price: £2.50
ISBN: 9781843801573


Simple latrine pits offer a basic level of service to the user. Pour-flush latrines provide an improved option in terms of use, maintenance and construction. They are a cross between a pit latrine and a septic tank or sewer. A small amount of water is used to flush excreta out of a collection pan, down a short pipe and into a pit. A water trap, if fitted, fills with water to form a seal and isolates the pit from the user – an effective way of controlling smells and flies. This guide examines the pros and cons of selecting a pour-flush latrine as an on-site sanitation option.

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