Proceedings of the 42nd WEDC International Conference

Equitable and Sustainable WASH Services

Future challenges in a rapidly changing world

Handwashing in emergencies

This session discusses the experiences and challenges of ensuring handwashing in emergencies. We review current and introduce innovative approaches to handwashing and share experiences from the field.

During the session, we will have short live presentations, followed by open discussions and interactive exchange in breakout rooms.

We will:

  • Review different handwashing systems technologies and approaches used in emergencies by different organizations, discuss major gaps and limitations
  • Share experiences of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund in supporting innovations for handwashing
  • Discuss innovative water-saving handwashing systems and technologies and innovations around the soap
  • Share experiences from using Gravit`eau handwashing systems recycling water in camps in the north of Nigeria
  • Provide a general introduction to the RANAS approach to behaviour change
  • Discuss experiences in applying the RANAS approach for handwashing and opportunities for adaptation of the RANAS approach to handwashing in emergencies
  • Share our experiences and discuss opportunities for Handwashing during COVID response

Key outcomes

This session will support development of the systematic approach to hand hygiene, exchange and innovation in handwashing in emergencies.

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