Proceedings of the 42nd WEDC International Conference

Equitable and Sustainable WASH Services

Future challenges in a rapidly changing world

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Water and Waste Infrastructure and Services Engineered for Resilience (WaterWISER)

WaterWISER virtual ‘bar’ session – come and put the world to rights and debate the future of WASH research

This two hour interactive online workshop has been designed and will be delivered by the WaterWISER research community, a group of early career researchers based at WEDC, Cranfield University and Leeds University. The workshop will frame new ideas of how research will change as the academy decolonises, and as we face up to the structural inequalities in water, sanitation and hygiene provision, employment, training, leadership and scholarship.

WaterWISER researchers span many disciplines and are addressing multiple interlinked problems in the water, sanitation and hygiene research space. They will bring their unique collective insight to lead this session.

Who should attend? If you are an early career researcher, professional, advocate or policy maker come along to contribute your ideas and to join this growing network; if you are a mid to late career researcher, professional, advocate or policy maker come along to listen to the new voices in the sector.

This event is the opportunity to find out more about how the WaterWISER CDT enables a significant expansion in research capacity in the WASH sector – the session will be suitable for current and prospective students, and potential research collaborators.

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