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  1. Innovation and lessons learnt in design and pilot implementation of clay-bodied bio-sand filters in Niger * (2016)
    Akudago, John
  2. Instituting equity and inclusion in market-based approaches: reaching the poor and disabled in sanitation * (2016)
    Wei, Y.
  3. Institutional sustainability: a case study on project transition in rural Malawi * (2016)
    Hughes, Genevieve
  4. Intra-household access to WASH in Uganda and Zambia: do variations exist? * (2016)
    Danquah, Lisa
  5. Investigating quality of shared sanitation facilities in informal settlements of Kisumu, Kenya * (2016)
    Simiyu, Sheillah
  6. Learnings from implementing the excreta flow diagram (SFD) process in Kumasi * (2016)
    Furlong, Claire
  7. Lessons learned from a consortium model for rural WASH: experiences of the DRC WASH Consortium * (2016)
    Jones, Stephen
  8. Lessons learnt by Concern Worldwide over 16 years of WASH programmes in North Korea * (2016)
    McGrath, Siobhan
  9. Limitations of chlorine disinfection of human excreta: implications for Ebola disease control * (2016)
    Trajano, D.G.S.
  10. Linking water pricing with users conservation behaviour in selected households in Lahore, Pakistan * (2016)
    Fazal, Nosheen


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