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  1. Nigeria: poverty in the midst of plenty: the challenge of growth with inclusion - a World Bank Poverty Assessment (Report No 14733-UNI) (1996)
    World Bank; Africa Region
  2. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Water sector review update. Main report (Report No. 21946-JO). Volume 1: Main report and Annexes A-B. Volume 2: Annexes C-N (Report No. 17095-JO) [Vols 2 and 2 dated 1997) * (2001)
    World Bank Middle East and North Africa Region
  3. West Bank and Gaza. Assessment of restriction on Palestinian water sector development. Sector note * (2009)
    World Bank Middle East and North Africa Region
  4. Project appraisal document on a proposed credit in the amount of SDR 17.1 million (US$22.0 million equivalent) to the Republic of Uganda for a second environment management and capacity building project
    World Bank; Africa Regional Office; Environmental and Social Development Unit
  5. Arab Republic of Egypt: staff appraisal report of the Beheira provincial potable water supply project (1981)
    World Bank; Europe, Middle East and North Africa Regional Office; Water Supply and Sewerage Division