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  1. Child survival and environmental health * (2004)
    Biran, Adam; Hunt, Caroline
  2. Indoor air pollution, cooking stoves and health * (2003)
    Biran, Adam; Hunt, Caroline
  3. Indoor air pollution: Regional annex for East Africa [Quality Assurance: Adam Biran] *
    Rukunga, Gerald; Biran, Adam
  4. What's cooking? A review of the health impacts of indoor air pollution and technical interventions for its reduction * (2001)
    Budds, Jessica; Biran, Adam; Rouse, Jonathan
  5. Formative Hygiene and Sanitation Research Project: Kyrgyzstan. Final report. Consultancy report (2001)
    Biran, Adam; Tabyshalieva, Anara; Morgan, Joy; Curtis, Val
  6. The effectiveness of water quality interventions in preventing diarrhoea [Quality Assurance: Adam Biran and Andrew Cotton] * (2006)
    Clasen, Thomas; Schmidt, Wolf-Peter; Biran, Adam; Cotton, Andrew
  7. Communal toilets in urban poverty pockets: use and user satisfaction associated with seven communal toilet facilities in Bhopal, India * (2010)
    Biran, Adam; Jenkins, Marion; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)