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  1. Landfilling healthcare waste. Sustainable method of disposal or threat to public health? (1997)
    Bostoen, Kristof
  2. Monitoring of water supply coverage [Quality Assurance: Sandy Cairncross] * (2005)
    Bostoen, Kristof; Cairncross, Sandy
  3. Problems in representative sampling in the water and sanitation sector: A brief analysis of problems and possible solutions [Quality Assurance: Kristof Bostoen] * (2006)
    Hunt, Caroline; Bostoen, Kristof
  4. Finding water and sanitation information on the Internet [Quality Assurance: Kristof Bostoen and Caroline Hunt] * (2006)
    Krukkert, Ingeborg; Bostoen, Kristof; Hunt, Caroline
  5. Monitoring of water supply coverage: Regional annex Ghana [Quality Assurance: Kristof Bostoen] * (2006)
    Akanbang, Bernard; Larbi, Eugene; TREND; Bostoen, Kristof
  6. Rainwater harvesting in Southern Africa: Regional annex [Quality Assurance: Jo Smet and Kristof Bostoen] * (2006)
    Moyo, Sibonginkosi; Nyimo, Takura; Smet, Jo; Bostoen, Kristof
  7. Rainwater harvesting in South Asia: Regional annex South Asia [Quality Assurance: Jo Smet and Kristof Bostoen] * (2005)
    Mathews, Suma; Sreekumar, S.; SEUF; Smet, Jo; Bostoen, Kristof