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  1. Ghana. Environmental Resource Management Project. Monitoring environmental quality (1992)
    Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  2. Tajikistan water sector assessment (2006)
    ERM; Department For International Development (DFID)
  3. Will it cost the earth? An overview of cost estimates for achieving the water and sanitation targets of the Millennium Development Goals * (2004)
    Cotton, Andrew; Fonseca, Catarina; Cardone, Rachel; ERM
  4. A guide to the regional environmental action plan for the Antofagasta region of Chile (Guia para el plan de accion regional ambiental para la region de Antofagasta en Chile) (1997)
    Department For International Development (DFID); Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  5. Activity in environmental management in Chile: Donor Agencies, Non-Government Organisations, Research Organisations (Actividades de Gestion Ambiental en Chile: Agencias internacionales, Organismos No Gubernamentales, Institutos de Investigacion) (1997)
    Department For International Development (DFID); Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  6. First National Water Development Project: consultancy services for preparation of strategic sanitation plans for 7 municipalities: Maputo, Matola, Beira, Dondo, Nampula, Pemba & Quelimane. Draft Strategic Sanitation Plan. Executive summary (2004)
    Government of Mozambique, Ministry of Public Works & Housing; National Directorate of Water; Lahmeyer International; GKW Consult; ERM-Lahmeyer International; Impacto Projecta