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  1. Map of Mauritius showing Boreholes in Operation and Water Basins (Drawing no 9236/1-FH 504), Central Water Authority, Scale 1:1,000,000 (1992)
    Mauritius, Central Water Authority
  2. Map of Mauritius showing Contours of Piezometric Levels during February 1987 (Drg no. 8708/1-FH/398), scale 1:100,000, Central Water Authority (1987)
    Mauritius, Central Water Authority
  3. Map of Mauritius showing General Domestic Water Distribution Network (Drg no Ma/1/90-EMa/83), scale 1:1,000,000, Central Water Authority (1990)
    Mauritius, Central Water Authority
  4. Map of Mauritius Showing General Domestic Water Distribution Network (DRG no Ma/1/90-EMa/88), edition 2-GSGS, Scale: 1:100,000 (1990)
    Mauritius, Central Water Authority
  5. An investigation into the management of water resources within the Central Water Authority: a report produced as part of the twinning arrangement between the two organisations (1990)
    Severn Trent Water International; Mauritius, Central Water Authority
  6. Survey of surface and ground water quality for the island of Mauritius: results of testing performed Apr-Jun 1991 (1991)
    Parr, Jeremy; Mauritius, Central Water Authority; University of Mauritius, School of Engineering
  7. Master plan study on water resources of Mauritius: conclusions and recommendations (1991)
    Mauritius, Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Postal Services; Mauritius, Central Water Authority; French Cooperation, Fonds D'Aide et de Cooperation