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  1. Strengthening design, finance and delivery of water supply and sanitation programmes under PRSPs. Briefing notes (2003)
    Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  2. Sanitation and hygiene in developing countries: identifying and responding to barriers. A case study from the Democratic Republic of Congo * (2007)
    Tearfund; PPSSP; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  3. Upgrading and renewing a historic city: Port Royal, Jamaica (1984)
    Cox, Oliver; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  4. Handbook of demonstration materials and technologies for school buildings: Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project Phase II: Better school buildings with minimum resources (1995)
    Andhra Pradesh Government; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  5. Land use, soil conservation and water resource management in the Nepal middle hills (1995)
    Overseas Development Administration (ODA); Royal Geological Society (RGS); Institute of Hydrology
  6. Evaluation of Northern Plains Irrigation Project: Mauritius. Vol II: appendices (Evaluation Report EV 500) (1990)
    Overseas Development Administration; ODA; Jones, D.; Taylor, A.; Weatherhead, E.; Kennard, R.
  7. Swaziland rural water supplies ex-post evaluation (EV 303) (1983)
    Overseas Development Administration; ODA; Bell, D.; Hodges, J.; Lawrence, W.; Sibisi, H.
  8. Yemen Arab Republic Montane plains and Wadi Rima project: a land and water resources survey: hydrogeology of Wadi Rima: project record 41 (YAR-01-47/REC-41/79) (1979)
    Morris, B.L.; Overseas Development Administration (ODA); Land Resources Development Centre, Surbiton
  9. Report on visit to Ahmedabad to plan an extension in India to the solid waste management course held at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K (1991)
    India, Ministry of Urban Development; India, Ministry of Rural Development; Elliott, D.J.; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
  10. Solid waste management in K-west ward, Bombay 1992: a study based on investigations carried out by study fellows on the 1992 course "Solid Waste Management in India" (1992)
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); Scheu, Manfred; Coad, Adrian; India, Ministry of Urban Development; Overseas Development Administration (ODA)


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