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  1. Water and sanitation in Asia and the Pacific. Proceedings of the 10th WEDC Conference, Singapore (28-31 Aug 1984) * (1984)
    Cotton, Andrew; Pickford, John
  2. Water and waste engineering in Africa. Proceedings of the 6th WEDC Conference (1980) * (1980)
    Pickford, John; Ball, Susan
  3. Water and waste engineering in Asia. Proceedings of the 8th WEDC Conference (1982) * (1982)
    Cotton, Andrew; Pickford, John
  4. Water, people and waste in developing countries. Proceedings of the 7th WEDC Conference (1981) * (1981)
    Ball, Susan; Pickford, John
  5. On-plot sanitation in low-income urban communities: A review of the literature * (1995)
    Cotton, Andrew; Franceys, Richard; Pickford, John; Saywell, Darren


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