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  1. Allocating national resources in the water and sanitation sector * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Thomson. Mike
  2. Diagnostic assessment of existing financing mechanisms to inform the operationalisation of the Joint Financing Agreement. Ethiopia water supply, sanitation and hygiene sector. Draft (2007)
    Thomson, Mike; Delta Partnership
  3. National sector performance monitoring and evaluation in water and sanitation in Uganda * (2005)
    Fisher, Julie; Thomson, Mike; Okuni, Patrick A.; Sansom, Kevin
  4. Uganda water and sanitation sector. Performance measurement framework. Draft report (WELL Task 2272) (2001)
    Thomson, Mike; WELL, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough; Resource Centre Network for Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health
  5. Strengthening budget mechanisms for sanitation in Uganda * (2004)
    Thomson, Mike; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP); Water and Sanitation Program - Africa; Republic of Uganda, Ministry of Health; Environmental Health Division