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  1. Thai-Australian northeast village water resource project report no 96: water supply, water user behaviour and attitudes (1989)
    Tunyavanich, Nongluk; ADAB Australian Development Assistance Bureau; MPW Australia; Mahidol University, Thailand
  2. Promotion and support of women's participation in the IDWSSD International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade: ICP CWS 005 UNDP INT/83/003 PROWWESS: research report on the promotion and support for women's participation in village-based water and sanitation project (1988)
    WHO World Health Organization; UNDP United Nations Development Program; PROWWESS Promotion of the Role of Women in Water Supply and Sanitation; Mahidol University, Thailand; Tunyavanich, Nongluk
  3. Community environmental health improvements in the provincial towns. Baseline assessment. ADB TA VIE-2376 (1997)
    Tunyavanich, Nongluk; McGahey, Christopher; Thi Hong, Tran; Que Anh, Pham; Huy Nga, Nguyen; Associates in Rural Development Inc; Vietnam Women's Union