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  1. A study of air pollution in Lahore (1983)
    Pakistan, Institute of Public Health Engineering and Research; Tariq, M.N.; Shaukat, Hayat; Waheed, S. Wali
  2. A study of design standards for surface width and design speed on tertiary rural roads (NTRC -82) (1985)
    National Transport Research Centre; NTRC; Pakistan, Government of. Planning Commission; Smith, John
  3. A study of hafir linings in Darfur province, Western Sudan: report no OD/10 (1978)
    Pontin, J.M.A.; Wooldridge, R.
  4. A study of revenues and costs of Department of Water Affairs (Zambia) water supply schemes (1988)
    Reini, Henning M.; German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  5. A study of the causes of the abnormally high levels of Lake Malawi in 1979 (WRD-TP No 5) (1979)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Division; Drayton, R.S.
  6. A study of the development of an arsenic test kit and some arsenic contamination issues (2003)
    Khair, Abul
  7. A study on making optimum use of municipal budgets to finance child development (Pakistan) (1994)
    Zaidi, S.Akbar; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  8. A study on social aspects of construction with special reference to the People's Planning Programme in Kerala. Report submitted to The Department for International Development, United Kingdom by Socio-Economic Unit Foundation Kerala, India (2000)
    Socio-Economic Unit Foundation (SEUF)
  9. A study on the impact of community toilets, upgraded drainage and health education on health with special reference to faecal borne diseases and skin diseases (1994)
    Shanmugam, P.; Kandasamy, V.
  10. A study on the status of ferrocement tanks (1997)
    Helvetas; Self Reliant Drinking Water Support Programme (SRWSP)


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