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  1. Access to safe and year round functional water: an estimation of coverage for three central regions in Tanzania * (2009)
    Jimenez, Alejandro
  2. Access to services in low-income urban communities in Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania * (2014)
    Medland, Louise
  3. Access to Water and Sanitation in Ghana for Persons with Disabilities: Findings of a KAP survey * (2008)
    Drafor, I
  4. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene for people living with HIV and AIDS: A cross-sectional study in Nepal * (2011)
    Gautam, Om Prasad
  5. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene: a survey assessment of persons with disabilities in rural Mali * (2013)
    Tan, Kay See
  6. Accessibility audit for mainstreaming the rights of the persons with disabilities in Bangladesh * (2015)
    Ahmed, S.
  7. Accessible school latrines in Uganda: the gap between design and construction * (2013)
    Kasumba, Nightingale
  8. Accessing handpump spare parts: a study of Northern Malawi * (2011)
    McNicholl, Duncan
  9. Achievements and lessons learned from the Uganda Self-Supply Pilot Project 2006-2008 * (2009)
    Kiwanuka, Joel
  10. Achieving a lasting impact in rural water services: a case study from south-west Uganda * (2005)
    Carter, R C


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