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  1. Journey from fringe to centre - asserting rights and dignity: experiences of WASH intervention in India * (2013)
    Umar, A.
  2. Menstrual management in communal sanitation facilities: recommendations to eThekwini Municipality * (2013)
    Truyens, Carley
  3. Promoting healthy hygiene and sanitation practices for people living with HIV and AIDS * (2013)
    Mugambi, Evelyn
  4. Reaching the marginalised and socially isolated sex worker and sweeper communities of Tangail, Bangladesh * (2013)
    Ahmed, Shamim
  5. Restoring child dignity through WASH in schools: an urban study of Kiddawalime Primary School, Kampala * (2013)
    Muduwa, Fatumah B
  6. Undoing inequity: inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene programmes that deliver for all in Uganda and Zambia * (2013)
    Wilbur, Jane
  7. WASH in schools: KINNAPA's experience with pastoralist communities in Kiteto District, Manyara Region, Tanzania * (2013)
    Magogwa, Fadhili
  8. WASH, disability and ageing - a continuum framework to monitor progress on mainstreaming * (2013)
    Jones, Hazel
  9. Women and microfinancing of water and sanitation in communities with expanding population in Nigeria * (2013)
    Ezenwaji, E E
  10. Identifying and supporting vulnerable people in community-led total sanitation. a Bangladesh case study * (2011)
    Fawzi, Ammar


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