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  1. Institutionalizing improved management practice and reporting to sustain sanitation service delivery * (2014)
    Candelario, Anthony
  2. Is manure from ecological sanitation latrines safe for use to fertilize crops? A review of evidence from literature * (2014)
    Kumwenda, Save
  3. Lack of community-level improved sanitation is associated with stunting in rural villages of Lao PDR and Vietnam * (2014)
    Quattri, Maria
  4. Learning opportunities for sanitation improvements in informal settlements of East African cities * (2014)
    Okurut, Kenan
  5. Low sustainability of drinking water schemes in India: a case study of water surplus north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh * (2014)
    Gill, Dharmendra
  6. Mainstreaming inclusive sanitation into community-led total sanitation in Kenya * (2014)
    Mugambi, Evelyn
  7. Measuring and reporting the capacity development performance of organizations in water and sanitation * (2014)
    Coff, Brittany
  8. Metered handpumps: privately operated handpumps as a way to improve sustainability and service delivery * (2014)
    Keesiga, Diana
  9. Mobile phones for collecting WASH data in low-income countries * (2014)
    Tilley, Elizabeth
  10. Modelling pump functionality with a Markov process: insights and implications from Malawi * (2014)
    McNicholl, Duncan


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