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  1. Household access to groundwater and its implication in an urban poor community, Ghana * (2016)
    Adjei, Seth
  2. How the technical approach of projects impacts the sanitation sector in developing countries such as Lebanon * (2016)
    Ricau, Marine
  3. How to improve sanitation in Mae La refugee camp: SI sludge treatment unit * (2016)
    Cavalazzi, Fabrizio
  4. ICT enabled monitoring fosters greater accountability and improves WASH Services in communities * (2016)
    Nadar, Kannan
  5. Implications of inappropriate containment on urban sanitation and environment: a study of Faridpur, Bangladesh * (2016)
    Islam, Rafiul
  6. Improving the method for district safe water coverage estimation in Uganda * (2016)
    Odongo, Augustine
  7. Improving the quality of public toilet services in Kumasi, Ghana * (2016)
    Craig, Rebecca
  8. Increasing local participation in monitoring and learning to improve WASH services in schools * (2016)
    Kere, Cyrille
  9. Indicator framework for monitoring SDG target on sanitation: a review through the lens of human rights * (2016)
    Gine Garriga, Ricard
  10. Innovation and lessons learnt in design and pilot implementation of clay-bodied bio-sand filters in Niger * (2016)
    Akudago, John


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