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  1. Interceptor study for Laguna Lake Development Authority, Philippines * (1977)
    Camp, I C
  2. Problems of conflicting demands for water in El Salvador * (1977)
    Myerscough, C T
  3. Sewerage sulphides and corrosion in Venezuela * (1977)
    Lansdell, M
  4. Simplified concrete tank construction and associated equipment * (1977)
    Stuart, W
  5. Some aspects of public health engineering in the Middle East * (1977)
    Young, D R
  6. The improvement of domestic sanitation in unsewered areas of Kenya * (1977)
    Holland, R J
  7. The use of high rate biofiltration in hot and humid climatic conditions * (1977)
    Hemming, M L
  8. Water pollution control wroks in Libya * (1977)
    Archer, M F G
  9. Water supply in Bangladesh * (1977)
    Turner, A W