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  1. A standard design manual for rural water supply in a developing country * (1980)
    Direktor, L
  2. Aerated lagoons for the treatment of industrial wastewaters in developing countries * (1980)
    Ellis, K
  3. Alternative excreta disposal systems in Eastern Nigeria * (1980)
    Egbuniwe, N
  4. Appropriate sanitation for human settlements in Africa * (1980)
    Leich, H H
  5. Aspects of isotope hydrology in Nigeria * (1980)
    Loehnert, E P
  6. Aspects of low cost sanitation in Africa * (1980)
    Read, G H
  7. Cost comparison in water supply alternatives in Saudi Arabia * (1980)
    Mukayli, T H
  8. Development of water resources in the Sokoto State * (1980)
    Gill, M A
  9. Engineering measures for the development of surface water resources in Kano State * (1980)
    Abdullahi, M A
  10. Environmental pollution problems of small communities in the Niger Delta * (1980)
    Egborge, C E


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