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  1. Community requirements in the design of appropriate water supply systems * (1981)
    Rew, Dr A
  2. Human resources development in water supply and sanitation * (1981)
    Austin, J H
  3. Incremental utilities provision and affordability * (1981)
    Allen, D B
  4. Installation and operation of a Nigerian anaerobic digester based on crop wastes * (1981)
    Wheatley, B I
  5. Irrigation in Africa and Asia - politics and problems * (1981)
    Edwards, C
  6. Local influences and their effect on the concept and design of sanitation projects * (1981)
    Harris, R B
  7. Membrane techniques in effluent disposal along with water/chemicals reclamation * (1981)
    Basu, Dr S
  8. Migration and squatting and the implication this has on water supply and sanitation * (1981)
    Vanlankveld, H M
  9. Organisation development * (1981)
    Franklin, R
  10. People's participation in slum upgrading * (1981)
    Ain, Q


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