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  1. A comparative analysis of the impact of hygiene promotion and sanitation marketing in rural Ethiopia * (2017)
    Garbutt, Camila
  2. A cross-sectional study on water access within the Healthy Villages and Schools (VEA) program in the DRC * (2017)
    String, Gabrielle
  3. A less expensive toilet: the impact of targeted subsidies on latrine purchases in Cambodia * (2017)
    Nicoletti, Chris
  4. A socio-ecological analysis of barriers to sustained adoption of rural sanitation in Ethiopia * (2017)
    Alemu, Fikralem
  5. Achieving and sustaining open defecation free (ODF) villages: a study of four rural districts in Zimbabwe * (2017)
    Kugedera, Ziggy
  6. Adaptable drinking-water laboratory unit for decentralised testing in remote and alpine regions * (2017)
    Diener, Arnt
  7. Addressing the sanitation crisis through a market-based approach * (2017)
    Akwunwa, Nneka
  8. Adjusting institutional arrangements: towards improved governance of self-supply water systems in Uyo, Nigeria * (2017)
    Ikpeh, Iniobong James
  9. After the pit is full: understanding latrine emptying in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar * (2017)
    Kirsch, Kathleen
  10. An analysis of potential performance improvement in Freetown’s water utility using the AquaRating system * (2017)
    Dillon, Maria


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