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  1. Marana community water project 11-20th January 1994, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Training (1994)
    Kibuka, Mary Ndiga; Kenya Water for Health Organization (KWAHO); KWAHO
  2. Participatory methodologies: Aburi workshop report (1994)
    Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC)
  3. Reaching the unreached: a manual for facilitating "Convergent Community Action" (1995)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  4. Kumasi natural resource management research project: inception report: volume 1: main report (DFID Project R6799) (1997)
    Natural Resources Institute (NRI); University of Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana; Blake, Barry; Kasanga, Kasim
  5. TARAQEE low cost sanitation programme: progress report 4 (Jun-Aug 95) Nawa Killi, Quetta (1995)
    TARAQEE society for development of low income (semi) urban communities in Balo
  6. Selecting social research methods for solid waste management in Guatemala City's slums (2002)
    Burrows, Hugues
  7. Trainers manual: training for PHED staff in community management (institutional strengthening of the public health engineering departments of Punjab and North West Frontier provinces TA No 2106 - Pakistan) (1995)
    Cowater International Inc., Canada; Innovative Development Consultants, Lahore, Pakistan; Integrated Development and Entrepreneurship Advisory Services, Peshawar, Pakis; Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  8. Assessing demand for water supply and sanitation projects - optimising the selection of demand assessment techniques * (1999)
    Parry-Jones, Sarah; Woodfield, Julie