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  1. Water supply in the secondary towns of Uganda: a case study of Lira water supply (1996)
    Okwir, Nelson
  2. A model for the planning and design of low income settlement projects (1996)
    Demissie, Eskendir Alemseged
  3. Affordable urban infrastructure (1995)
    Jusof, Mohd Jalil Che
  4. Sustainable piped water supply in rural Uganda (1995)
    Green, Andrew Willford
  5. The feasibility of sand dams in Turkana district, Kenya (1999)
    Fewster, Eric
  6. Low-income sites and services programme in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria (1992)
    Aliyu, Al Hassan
  7. Low cost housing. A case study of Malaysia (1992)
    Rahman, Aszhar Hj. Ab.
  8. Talking crap: faecal sludge management in Accra, Ghana (2007)
    Boot, Niall Lawrence David
  9. Uzbekistan water supply, sanitation and health project: Kyzketken pilot project: community analysis and community participation (1998)
    Bentum, R. van; Binnie & Partners; Black & Veatch International; KEO International Consultants; Uzbekistan, Ministry of Macroeconomics and Statistics of Cabinet of Ministers
  10. Urban low cost sanitation in Tanzania (1992)
    Kessy, A.M.