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  1. Access to safe drinking water: what about seasonality? * (2021)
    Cassivi, Alexandra
  2. Analysis of household access to water and sanitation in rural communities in southwest, Nigeria * (2018)
    Akoteyon, Isaiah
  3. Creating user-friendly water and sanitation services for the disabled: the experience of WaterAid Nepal and its partners * (2008)
    WaterAid Nepal
  4. Intra-household access to WASH in Uganda and Zambia: do variations exist? * (2016)
    Danquah, Lisa
  5. Jamaica's response. The United Nations Human Rights Council Decision 2/104 Human Rights and Access to Water * (2007)
    Jamaica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica
  6. Water and sanitation sector performance report 2004 (2004)
    Uganda, Sector Performance Thematic Team; Uganda, Water Sector Working Group; Uganda, Directorate of Water Development; Uganda, Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment
  7. Measuring rural water supply access: findings from a comparative analysis of Cambodian national surveys * (2006)
    Levisay, Michael; Sameth, Chea; Cambodia, Ministry of Rural Development
  8. Household access to groundwater and its implication in an urban poor community, Ghana * (2016)
    Adjei, Seth
  9. Sanitation in informal settlements in East Africa (3ksan) * (2013)
    Charles, Katrina
  10. Water and sanitation in Uganda: measuring performance for improved service delivery [prepared by WELL for the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment (MoWLE), Uganda] * (2003)
    WELL, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough


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