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  1. Water and sanitation in Uganda: measuring performance for improved service delivery [prepared by WELL for the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment (MoWLE), Uganda] * (2003)
    WELL, Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough
  2. Financing strategy of the urban wastewater sector in selected municipalities of the Sichuan Province in China. Programme of dialogue and co-operation with China. Interim report from the 1st phase of the project: baseline scenario analysis * (2003)
    Centre for Co-operation with Non-Member (CCNM); Environment Policy Committee
  3. Domestic rainwater harvesting in urban areas of Nigeria (2007)
    Aimiuwu, Idahosa Bright
  4. PPP and the Poor: Case Study - Revisiting Queenstown, South Africa * (2005)
    Palmer Development Group; Sohail, M.
  5. Willingness to pay for arsenic-free, safe drinking water in Bangladesh (Fighting arsenic: listening to rural communities) (2003)
    Ahmad, Junaid; Goldar, B.N.; Misra, Smita; Jakariya, M.; Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC); Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia
  6. Community involvement in planning piped water supply in Uganda. A case of Nansana Project [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Ndyabarema, Jovah Abasiimire
  7. Free basic water implementation in rural areas. Case studies: uThukela Partnership; Alfred Nzo District Municipality; Ngqushwa Local Municipality; Vulindlela Water Scheme; Nhlungwane Water Project. Report to the Water Research Commission (2004)
    Balfour, Faye; Wilson, Ilse; De Jager, Jamie; Still, David; Louw, Stephen
  8. Cost recovery for piped rural water supply systems in developing countries: case studies from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda * (2015)
    Angwec, Catherine Agwai
  9. Cheaper-water piped distribution versus handpumps [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Nzobambona, Diomede
  10. Design of civil engineering facilities for developing communities, with particular reference to water supply and sanitation provision in the urban areas of South Africa. PhD thesis University of Witwatersrand (2002)
    Van Ryneveld, Mark Berrange; University of Witwatersrand, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment


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