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  1. Water quality improvement in Changsha City (2006)
    Xu, Junjie
  2. Life cycle analysis: assessing the capital and operational expenditure of handpump preventive maintenance * (2018)
    Butterworth, Sam
  3. Process cost analysis for the optimization of a container-based sanitation service in Haiti * (2018)
    Remington, Claire
  4. Suitability of anaerobic processes for small island developing states - case study Jamaica (1998)
    Harms, Claudia
  5. Arsenic contamination: Bangladesh perspective (2007)
    Ahmed, M. Feroze
  6. Evaluation of the suitability of Lake Victoria as a source of drinking water (2000)
    Tibatemwa, Sarah Margaret
  7. Flooding, vulnerabilities and coping strategies in the Lower Tana River, Kenya (2007)
    Retief, Ronelle Helen
  8. Investigating how to turn Nigerian water boards into higher performing utilities (2008)
    Mumueh, P.L.
  9. Leakage control in Riyadh (1988)
    Al-Salem, Hamed S.
  10. Review of by-laws and regulations covering sanitation provisions in Colombo City (1992)
    Tillakaratne, Lalani


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