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  1. Evaluation of a traditional rainwater harvesting system in Rajasthan, India * (2021)
    Parker, Alison
  2. Groundwater quality in shallow unconfined sedimentary aquifers in Bida, Nigeria * (2016)
    Abdullahi, Idris-Nda
  3. Bulletin No. 7 of the Geological Survey Department (1977)
    Cyprus Geological Survey
  4. Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater for small scale irrigation in Zimbabwe (1993)
    Moyo, I
  5. Geology of Bangladesh (1991)
    Khan, F.H.
  6. Drinking water service level of groundwater sources in Lambo Lasunwon Community, Ikorodu, Lagos * (2013)
    Ogunbajo, AbdulHakeem B
  7. Groundwater pollution in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Assessing vulnerability and protection priorities (PhD thesis Eindhoven University of Technology) (2002)
    Mato, Rubhera Rukumbuja Aloyce Mtani
  8. Hydrogeological studies South Darfur. Appendix N (1989)
    Water resources assessment and development project in the Sudan (WADS); Institute of Applied Geoscience; TNO; National Corporation for the Development of Rural Water Resources; NCDWR
  9. Large-scale sanitation programme, climate trends, aquifer vulnerability and public health impact: a study from two Indian states * (2021)
    Umar, Asad
  10. The groundwater potential of the Oju/Obi area, eastern Nigeria. Final report. [See also NG 266] (1999)
    Davies, J.; MacDonald, A.M.; British Geological Survey (BGS); Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


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