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  1. Rainwater tanks in series (2005)
    Ensslin, Christian H.
  2. Flowrate changes in slow sand filters (1988)
    Mandal, Ram Lakhan
  3. Slow sand filtration: influences of process variables (1988)
    Muhammad, Nur
  4. Risk of bacteriolgical quality deterioration of potable water in the state initated public housing schemes * (2011)
    Dissanayake, Madara Samanmali
  5. Performance of first-flush diverters in the UK (2008)
    Arita, Kazuhiro
  6. Design of civil engineering facilities for developing communities, with particular reference to water supply and sanitation provision in the urban areas of South Africa. PhD thesis University of Witwatersrand (2002)
    Van Ryneveld, Mark Berrange; University of Witwatersrand, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment