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  1. Rural water supply in Bhutan training programme (1981)
    UNICEF Bhutan Country Programme; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Indian Institute of Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering Group
  2. Developing Healthier Communities through Education and Empowerment "User's Manual? * (2006)
    Dorji, Thinley
  3. Development and protection of remote springs [Discussion paper] * (1996)
    Fellinga, Wouter Jan
  4. Environmental codes of practice for sewerage and sanitation management in urban areas * (2000)
    Allen, Richard; Dorji, Thinley; NIRAS; Bhutan, National Environment Commission
  5. Intake design for small streams * (1996)
    Prakke, Diederik
  6. Rural water supply experience in Bhutan * (1996)
    Choden, Dorji
  7. Primary school buildings: standards, norms and design * (1995)
    De Spiegeleer, Jean; UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Bhutan Government, Department of Education; Bhutan, Royal Government of
  8. Rural water supply programme: project completion and handing over certificate
    Bhutan Government, Department of Works and Housing; Public Health Engineering Division
  9. The flow of life: 25 years of rural water supply and sanitation in Bhutan (see accompanying video V309) (2000)
    Bhutan, Royal Government of; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  10. Environmental impact assessment guidelines for Bhutan (1993)
    National Environmental Commission Thimpu, Bhutan


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