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  1. A bibliography of the publications of the Land and water management Project in Zambia from 1988 to 1995 (1995)
    Huizing, Adrian; Land and Water Management Project (LWMP), Zambia
  2. Caribbean small islands water resources assessment development management: a first bibliography of geology hydrogeology and water resources (CAR/79/ROI) (1980)
    United Nations (UN); Hadwen, Peter
  3. Bibliography of water resources of commonwealth countries in the Caribbean and Mediterranean (Special Liaison Report CGLO SLR 5) (1980)
    Commonwealth Committee on Mineral Resources and Geology; Commonwealth Geological Liason Office; Beavington, Colin F.; Williams, John B.
  4. Bibliography on soil erosion and sediment production research in Southern Africa (S.A.A.G Occasional Publication Number 1, December 1989) (1989)
    Weaver, Alex; Southern African Association of Geomorphologists; S.A.A.G
  5. Bibliography [Guyana] ?1999
  6. Healthcare or health risks? Risks from healthcare waste to the poor * (2000)
    Appleton, Jenny; Ali, Mansoor; Woodfield, Julie
  7. Assessing demand for water supply and sanitation projects - optimising the selection of demand assessment techniques * (1999)
    Parry-Jones, Sarah; Woodfield, Julie
  8. Soil and water conservation in Kenya: bibliography with annotations (Dept. of Agricultural Engineering publication No. 90/1) (1990)
    Karanja, Gichuki; Tefera, Fissiha; Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Nairobi; Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC)