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  1. Biogas production in refugee camps: when sustainability increases safety and dignity * (2015)
    Eyrard, Julien
  2. How sustainable are sanitation solutions generating biogas in schools in Kenya? * (2021)
    Kirkland, Glyn
  3. Community-led integrated model for sustainable and inclusive faecal management and WASH services * (2017)
    Sahu, Guruprasad
  4. Household biogas systems in low-income rural regions * (2010)
    Saf, Soren
  5. Towards decentralized biogas generation: building community scale biogas reactor * (2017)
    Radu, Tanja
  6. Rural enterprise in renewable energy development. A case study of the biogas programme of Gram Vikas in Orissa (2001)
    Gram Vikas; Winrock International
  7. Technological options for sanitation (2008)
    Patel, Ishwarbhai; Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI)
  8. Social implications of pig waste management practices on pig farmers in Cyprus (2007)
    Votsi, Eleni