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  1. Performance assessment report. Bolivia. Social Investment Fund II (Water supply and sanitation components only); Rural Water and Sanitation Project * (2002)
    World Bank Operations Evaluation Department (OED)
  2. Proyecto Misicuni - Tunel ( Misicuni project, Cochabamba, Bolivia - potable water supply: executive summary ) (1989)
    Empresa Misicuni
  3. Global development. An experiment in rural development in Bolivia (2001)
    Centre of Studies on Social and Economic Reality (CERES)
  4. Linking livelihood strategies to development: experiences from the Bolivian Andes (1999)
    Zoomers, Annelies; Royal Tropical Institute
  5. El Alto. A peri-urban challenge in Latin America (1998)
    UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, Andean Region; Chung, Lauren
  6. Fair deals for watershed services in Bolivia. Developing markets for watershed services and improved livelihoods * (2007)
    Asquith, Nigel; Vargas, Maria Teresa; International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  7. Sustainability analysis of water supply systems in Cochabamba; Bolivia * (2009)
    Sharma, Saroj K
  8. Water management in small breweries (applied to Taquina S.A. Brewery) (1988)
    Rocha-Cuadros, J.C.
  9. Public-popular organisations. The case of Cochabamba, Bolivia (2003)
    Terhorst, Philipp
  10. Homeless International's Dialogue Jan 1998 (1998)
    Homeless International; Focus Housing Group


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