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  1. Microbial contamination of boreholes in Ilorin, Nigeria [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Ayeni, Olatunji
  2. Pumping test analysis for Maiduguri lower aquifer (1984)
    Kida, H.M.
  3. The capability of the Benin aquifer around Benin city, Nigeria (1984)
    Obakpolor, W.E.
  4. The design of production wells for metroplitan Lagos area (1984)
    Ogunbanjo, O.A.
  5. Water supply in the coastal regions of Bangladesh (1986)
    Shamsuddin, Sk.Abu.J.
  6. Geophysical survey of Loughborough University campus site (1985)
    Bako, Dader Mazadu
  7. Groundwater potentials for major aquifers in Anambra basin, Anambra State, Nigeria (1986)
    Oty, Raymond C.
  8. Hydrogeological data of North-East Kano State (1974)
    Kano Sate, Tiga, Water Resources and Engineering Construction Agency; WRECA Water Resources and Engineering Construction Agency; Szentes, G.
  9. Making the case for improved planning, construction and testing of water supply infrastructure in Malawi * (2018)
    Mannix, Nick
  10. The groundwater resources and exploitation in the Chad formation, Borno state (1983)
    Marte, Ali Musa


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