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  1. Influence of climatic conditions on cyanobacteria blooms in a tropical water supply river (Rio das Velhas; Brazil) * (2009)
    von Sperling, Eduardo
  2. Advanced wastewater treatment - nitrogen and phosphorous removal (1982)
    Masini, Irene Guimaraes Altafin
  3. Successful experiences in municipal public water and sanitation services from Brazil. (2006)
    da Costa, Silvano Silveiro; Heller, Leo; Santos Moraes, Luiz Roberto; Borja, Patricia Campos; de Melo, Carlos Henrique; Sacco, Denise; National Association of Municipal Water and Sanitation Services (ASSEMAE)
  4. The use of effluents for irrigation : a proposal for Pernambuco, Brazil (1983)
    Dacosta, Sandra Vaz
  5. A review of policy and standards for wastewater reuse in agriculture. Part 2: a Latin American perspective * (2000)
    Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Peasey, Anne; Mara, D. Duncan; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Saywell, Darren
  6. Guidelines for wastewater reuse in agriculture and aquaculture: Part 1 - Recommended revisions based on new research evidence * (2000)
    Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Peasey, Anne; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Mara, D. Duncan; Saywell, Darren
  7. The role of the church in improving access to sanitation * (2009)
    Greaves, Frank
  8. Low cost sanitation alternative for Port Harcourt (1987)
    Green, S.I.
  9. Accountability arrangements to combat corruption: Synthesis report and case study survey reports * (2007)
    Cavill, S.; Sohail, M.


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