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  1. Kontagora water supply extension (1981)
    Abdullahi, A.A.
  2. Water resource potentials of Ondo State, Nigeria (1984)
    Oke, Victor Adebayo
  3. Multiple territories in dispute. Water policies, participation and Mapuce indigenous rights in Patagonia, Argentina (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2009)
    Moreyra, Alejandra
  4. Securing Water and Land in the Tana Basin: a resource book for water managers and practitioners * (2012)
    Knoop, Lenneke; Sambalino, Francesco; Steenbergen, Frank van
  5. Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA) [A synopsis of WARFSA supported research projects in 2003] (2004)
    Ndamba, J.; Manase, G.; Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA); Institute of Water and Sanitation Development (IWSD)
  6. Hydrological characteristics of upper Oshun river catchment Nigeria (1983)
    Owoade, I.A.
  7. Institutional management of surface water in England and Wales * (2013)
    Frost, Sian
  8. Integrated water resources management of Galma Basin, towards sustainable development in Kaduna State, Nigeria [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Maniyunda, Musa Nimrod
  9. Water from rock outcrops. A handbook for engineers and technicians on site investigations, design, construction and maintenance of rock catchment tanks and dams * (2006)
    Nissen-Petersen, Erik; Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA); ASAL Consultants
  10. Assessment of water resources and management for Moi University (1992)
    Kandie, D.K.


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