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  1. Does 'improved' sanitation make children healthier? Household pit latrines and child health in rural Ethiopia * (2009)
    Cameron, Lita; University of Oxford, Young Lives
  2. Draft country programme document. Ethiopia (2006)
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  3. Lost innocence, stolen childhoods (2001)
    Blanchet, Therese
  4. School hygiene promotion guidelines (2009)
    WaterAid in Bangladesh
  5. Catching them young: an assessment of hygiene knowledge in government school children in Delhi * (2016)
    Bhalla, A.S.
  6. Food hygiene practices of mothers and level of contamination in child's food in Nepal: a formative research * (2013)
    Gautam, Om Prasad
  7. PIHS Pakistan Integrated Household Survey. Population welfare. Round 2: 1996-97 (1999)
    Federal Bureau of statistics; Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
  8. Rhymes on hygiene [Pictorial guide] (2009)
    WaterAid in Bangladesh
  9. Story telling. School hygiene education [Pictorial guide] (2009)
    WaterAid in Bangladesh
  10. The impact and monitoring of sanitation and hygiene interventions in child survival and development in sub Saharan Africa * (2011)
    Feng, Lin


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