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  1. Disposal of wastewater from cholera treatment centres [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Smithers, Stephanie Jane
  2. Disinfection using chloroisocyanurates in emergency situations (1987)
    Mutalemwa, Alistion Sebastian
  3. Shallow wells disinfection using pot chlorinators (1986)
    Kalimwenjuma, D.D.
  4. Simple liquid dosing chlorination devices (2005)
    Nagdi, Fareed
  5. Containing the acute watery diarrhoea in Sudan: the WASH side of the story * (2018)
    Nadar, Kannan
  6. Membrane filtration reduces recontamination risk in chlorinated household water containers * (2017)
    Meierhofer, Regula
  7. On-site sodium hypochlorite generation as a point-of-use water treatment method for rural Africa (2003)
    Burgsteden, Willem van
  8. Prevention and control of cholera. Operational guidelines for the district health workers and planners (2007)
    Republic of Uganda, Ministry of Health; Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD) Section, Community Health Department
  9. Shock chlorination: the solution to safer water? * (2018)
    Verkerk, Adriana
  10. Designing a school water treatment and interactive education program in Kenya to enable future scale-up * (2013)
    Forsyth, Jenna


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