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  1. Climate change impacts on WASH and slum community-based adaptation measures * (2014)
    Khatri, Giri Raj
  2. The tube recharge: a household option that increases climate resilience * (2021)
    Holstag, Henk
  3. Climatic normals of Pakistan 1961-1990: computerised ed (1993)
    Pakistan Meteorological Department
  4. Securing water resources to build community resilience to water threats and climate variability in the Sahel * (2016)
    Damiba, Lucien
  5. Hydrological and hydraulic modelling of concrete fuse plug operation for small dams in a context of climate change * (2021)
    Fortin, Maxim
  6. Viet Nam. Climate change, adaptation and poor people. A report for Oxfam * (2008)
  7. A methodological comparison for WASH-related climate vulnerability assessments * (2021)
    Abrams, Amber L
  8. Climate change and smallholder farmers in Malawi. Understanding poor peoples' experiences in climate change adaptation. A report by ActionAid * (2006)
    ActionAid International
  9. Climate impacts on household sanitation and responses: data from low-income urban areas in Indonesia * (2021)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy
  10. Climate of Botswana. Part II: elements of climate (1987)
    Bhalotra, Y.P.R.; Botswana, republic of. Department of Meteorological Services


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