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  1. Assessment of coliform contamination in drinking water from source to point of use in Mysore city of Karnataka, India * (2011)
    Raju, Nerlige Sannabasappa
  2. Maintenance of the Biosand filter explored [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Singer, Sarah
  3. Assessing the impact of storage tank material on rainwater quality (2007)
    Qi, Shihua
  4. Lime-magnesium coagulation for saline wastewater treatment (2005)
    Harvie, Sarah A.
  5. Shock chlorination: the solution to safer water? * (2018)
    Verkerk, Adriana
  6. Promoting SODIS in a peri-urban community, the experience from Kifumbira zone, Kampala, Uganda * (2011)
    Nabasirye, Lillian
  7. Aesthetic and bacterial quality of rainwater stored in tanks of different materials (2008)
    Iseyemi, O.Oluwayinka
  8. Pretreatment of polluted waters using a dual media horizontal-flow gravel filter prior to slow sand filtration (1992)
    Salala, Henry E.M.


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