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  1. TARAQEE low cost sanitation programme demonstration phase: five months (Aug-Dec 1994): progress report 2 months two & three (Oct, Nov 94) Nawa Killi, Quetta (1994)
    TARAQEE society for development of low income (semi) urban communities in Balo
  2. Testing community-led approaches for scalability: project briefing * (2014)
    Crocker, Jonathan
  3. The SHAW experience in Indonesia: The multi-stakeholder approach to sustainable sanitation and hygiene * (2014)
    Minnigh, Pam
  4. Urban Restructuring Water Supply Project. Community based water supply and sanitation demonstration component. Presented at the Urban Restructuring Water Supply Project launch workshop, 16 - 17 January 1996, Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka (1996)
    Zambia, Government of the Republic of
  5. Wastewater management in Indonesia: lessons learned from a community based sanitation programme * (2014)
    Suhaeniti, Suhaeniti
  6. Women and sanitation: the Indian experience - Global workshop on environmental sanitation and hygiene 10-13 June 1998 (1998)
    Das, Smt. Asha; Ministry of Human Resource Development, India
  7. Participacion comunitaria en agua y saneamiento (community participation in water and sanitation) Vision general del proyecto SEDAPAL-SUM Canada en Lima Metropolitana 1982-2000 (2000)
    Trevett, Andrew; Servicio Universitario Mundial del Canada (SUM Canada)
  8. Procedural and contractual issues in the delivery of services to low income groups (1994)
    Sohail, M.
  9. Developing healthier communities through education & empowerment. Toolkit based on SNV Bhutan experiences [Inc. CD] (2006)
    Dorji, Thinley; Ritchie, Megan
  10. Household access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in Kajiado County, Kenya * (2018)
    Mbogo, Bernard


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