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  1. Decentralised wastewater management using constructed wetlands in Nepal * (2008)
    WaterAid Nepal
  2. A pilot study on municipal wastewater treatment using a constructed wetland in Uganda (PhD Thesis, Wageningen University and IHE Delft) (2000)
    Okurut, Tom Okia; IHE International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
  3. Treatment potential of Typha latifolia in removal of heavy metals from wastewater using constructed wetlands * (2018)
    Githuku, Catherine
  4. Small industries environmental assessment and control in Bangladesh (1995)
    Rahman, Md Lutfor
  5. Sustainable sanitation systems that comply with the building codes for Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam * (2006)
    Martijn, Ernst-Jan; Widodo, Hendro; van't Hoff, Norm; Merkelijn, Aart; Mor, Christoph; USAID Environmental Services Program (ESP)
  6. A role for constructed wetlands in Palestine? (1999)
    Callaghan, Brian
  7. Nam Dinh Urban Development Project: septage management study * (2001)
    Klingel, Florian; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); EAWAG/SANDEC