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  1. Cost evaluation of sustainable solar: diesel hybrid power for water pumping in refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya * (2016)
    Ahmed, Osman Yussuf
  2. Water supply in the secondary towns of Uganda: a case study of Lira water supply (1996)
    Okwir, Nelson
  3. Leakage control programme of the metropolitan water works and sewerage system, metro-Manila, Philippines (1982)
    Hilario, Al.C.
  4. Selection, handling and dosing of coagulants: development of a training programme for operators at Adiyan water treatment plant, Lagos, Nigeria (1997)
    Okunowo, John O.
  5. Managing water as an economic resource. A case study of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1993)
    Winpenny, J.T.
  6. The treadle pump: manual irrigation for small farmers in Bangladesh (1991)
    Orr, Alastair; Islam, A.S.M. Nazrul; Barnes, Gunnar; Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS)
  7. A review of water demand management practices in Kaduna city, Nigeria (1998)
    Ambinjah, Esau Akungba
  8. Community partnership for sustainable water management: experiences of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) systems rehabilitation project - Volume II Social and economic impacts (1998)
    Soussan, John; Datta, Anjan; Wattage, Premachandra
  9. Costs and benefits of inclusive sanitation facilities for the disabled in mainstream primary schools of low-income countries: a case study of Ethiopia (2010)
    Neba, Gabriel
  10. Improvements to rural hand pumps programme in Sri Lanka (1989)
    Stambo, C.J.A.


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