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  1. Management information systems for National Water & Sewerage Corporation ( NWSC ): Uganda (1995)
    Wandera, Joel N.
  2. A rent hedonic model of the low income housing market in Karachi, Pakistan (discussion paper # 149) (1991)
    Akbar, Mohammad; Altaf, Anjum; Applied Economics Research Centre; AERC; University of Karachi
  3. Action plan for control of diarrhoeal diseases water and sanitation (CDD-WATSAN) 1995-97: health component of "Akshara-Arogya" campaign in Mysore district Karnataka State (1996)
    Panchayat, Zilla
  4. Action plan on rural sanitation Andhra Pradesh (1991-1995) (1995)
    India, Government of Andhra Pradesh; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  5. Cheese production in Nepal: lessons from the past, lessons for the future (1991)
    Research Report Series Number 13; Sapkota, Mahendra Raj; HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  6. Final report on socio-economic, technical and financial feasibility study of connecting selected communities to the main GWSC main lines in Ho District (1995)
    Dordunoo, C.K.; Botchie, G.; Acquah, T.B.F.; Volta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project; Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation (GWSC)
  7. On-plot sanitation in low-income urban communities: A review of the literature * (1995)
    Cotton, Andrew; Franceys, Richard; Pickford, John; Saywell, Darren
  8. Papers outlining the experience of the GWSC Assistance Project (GAP) in the transition to community management of small towns water supply systems presented during a conference on operation and maintenance of small town water supply schemes in Ghana: experiences in the transition to community management held in Kumasi, Ghana, Dec 7-8, 1995. Field Paper #46 (CIDA Project 400/12342) (1995)
    Wardrop Engineering Inc; Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation (GWSC); GWSC Assistance Project (GAP)
  9. PC - 1 SWABI SCARP Agricultural Development Component (1994)
    Pakistan, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Dept of Agriculture; Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC); Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  10. Rehabilitation and transfer of existing rural water supply schemes to beneficiary communities: estimated cost Rs 2,394.2 million (1995)
    Pakistan, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Social Action Programme (SAP); Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)


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